Aria Lee

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Aria on the cover of the movie Hotwifing Sex Tribe

Aria Lee (born June 7, 2000) is an American pornographic actress.


  • My fans are just sooooo sweet to me. They really know how to make me feel special and boost my confidence! One thing I used to be insecure about were my boobies because I think that they are small but my fans really express how they like how my body is proportioned.
  • It was my first time working with Pure Taboo… I loved every second of it!. Had so much fun with the storyline, and I would love to work with you guys so, so much more!
  • The people that I’ve met in this industry have really changed my mind about things. I’m actually happier than I was before when I was working regular jobs. I had three different jobs, waitressing at two different restaurants and manager at a retail store.
  • He was like, 'Of course, I'll walk you up there, this place is confusing.' He was being nice. I thought he was being a good director. And he takes me to the bathroom, as I'm closing the door, he rushes in, pushes the door closed, pushes me down to my knees, takes his dick out and then makes me suck his dick. ... And he just walked out and acted like nothing happened.