Gang bang

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A gang bang is a sexual activity in which one person is the central focus of the sexual activity of several people, usually more than three, sequentially or simultaneously.


  • Having the opportunity to shoot my fantasy, and have it captured by an iconic and such esteemed director as Jules Jordan was incredible, and is something I will forever be grateful for. The talent was amazing and gave a powerful performance to match the outcome I wanted for this scene. A gangbang is something i've wanted to do since I started my career and to have it turn out better than imagined and one of the best days of my life has left me speechless.
  • With four years in adult, I thought it was time to do my first gangbang, and my fans have been fiending for it. I wanted to do it for one of the best studios, and I knew Blacked was the one. They let me pick all the male talent, so I choose a mix of hot new guys and veterans. I definitely chose correctly because this scene is amazing!
  • It was my first time doing such an involved scene, the cast was full of such amazing talent. I had worked with two of the guys before, but it felt as if I knew the whole crew already! Everyone came in confident and horny, ready to make my first time something special! I couldn’t have asked for a better group. They listened to what I liked and made sure to do those things in the scene, like choking and spitting in my mouth. I’ve never had two cocks in me at the same time, but I love to push my limits, so we went all the way! I absolutely loved my first gangbang and am already craving more!