Scarlit Scandal

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Scarlit on the cover of the movie Nerdy Girls 4

Scarlit Scandal (born April 27, 1999) is an American pornographic actress.


  • I always wanted to get professional pictures taken but I never had that chance. So I would just prop my camera up, take my own pictures and edit them. But I obviously couldn’t post them. Now I’m like posting my ass all over Twitter.
  • It's still a big shock to me because I have my trophies up on my mantel fireplace in the living room and every time I look up there it's like a constant reminder that you actually did that, bitch. I don't think it's something I’ll really ever get over because it was something I wanted so bad. And it was a goal of mine and I achieved it and it unfolded right in front of my eyes. And it was just insane. It's still insane.
  • It feels absolutely amazing being on contract for one of the most successful brands in adult history. Brazzers has always made me feel like a queen since the day I met them. They work with professionalism all the time and always excel when it comes to making sure their talent is taken care of. With that being said I wouldn’t want to be representing any other company. Brazzers just seems…right.
  • This anal was the most highly anticipated scene of my whole career! I’m still in shock that I finally did it! My favorite part about it was being able to share such a special moment with my husband and for Brazzers allowing us to not just do a regular anal scene, but a scene that people can relate to, indulge in, and see the Scandals' sensitive side a little more. I hope each and every viewer enjoys this scene as much as we did creating it.