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Brazzers is a Canadian porn film studio based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and legal domicile in Nicosia, Cyprus. The company's slogan is "World's Best HD Porn Site!".


  • My main reason for deciding to sign a contract with Brazzers is simple. I love Brazzers so much. I love making the scripts come to life because there's always so much thought put into them, they're always very current and relative to what's trending in pop cultuire. I also love working with their directors, I always have an incredible time on set because of them.
  • They pretty much accommodated my needs the whole time. They treated me like a princess… I loved it. They are a great company, I have no bad things to say about them and I’m just forever grateful for them, honestly.
  • It feels absolutely amazing being on contract for one of the most successful brands in adult history. Brazzers has always made me feel like a queen since the day I met them. They work with professionalism all the time and always excel when it comes to making sure their talent is taken care of. With that being said I wouldn’t want to be representing any other company. Brazzers just seems…right.