Anal sex

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Anal sex, anal intercourse, anal penetration, or simply anal commonly refers to the sex act involving insertion of the penis into the anus of a sexual partner.


  • The only thing I was nervous about was doing it on-camera. The first time I ever had anal sex I was totally nervous, but once I got into it, I could relax and it was great. In this scene there wasn’t just one mood. At times it’s really rough and aggressive and other times it’s sweet and tender. It really was an emotional and physical journey in every sense.
  • I was determined to do a phenomenal, mind-blowing first anal scene that had chemistry as well as energy. It turned out better than I could’ve asked for. Markus has always been one of my favorite performers to work with, and he gave me the scene of a lifetime. I’m very pleased with my decision to do my first anal with Evil Angel, and especially with Chris Streams directing. I’m proud of this scene, and I think it was a huge accomplishment and success in my career.
  • This anal was the most highly anticipated scene of my whole career! I’m still in shock that I finally did it! My favorite part about it was being able to share such a special moment with my husband and for Brazzers allowing us to not just do a regular anal scene, but a scene that people can relate to, indulge in, and see the Scandals' sensitive side a little more. I hope each and every viewer enjoys this scene as much as we did creating it.